Steff Ottevanger


In my work I have tried to get the essence of the animal subject, in particular its character and typical movement and stance. In some cases it is just catching that fleeting moment and clay is an ideal medium to do this in that it helps me to avoid over refining the image. I don’t want my work to be a scale model or an ornament but more of an impression of the animal. These are animals with attitude. All these pieces are cast in a bronzed resin which is an ideal material for reproducing sculpture to ensure its permanency. Most of these designs are limited editions and come supplied with a numbered certificate of authentication.
Stef Ottevanger’s individual sculptures are cast in bronzed resin. They are derived from her original designs made in clay and thus retain the tactile nature and textural quality of the initial work. Each creation displays spontaneity in concept and her empathy with the subject. The range includes domestic pets, sheep, equine & wildlife and can be viewed and purchased at our Gallery In Kettlewell or alternatively, they can be purchased through our on-line gallery.