Hare 4 By Jack Morris

Hare 4 Jack MorrisThere’s something about Hares.

I remember the first time I saw a Hare. Every morning I had to leave at around 5.00 am to walk to work the roads and lanes would be so quiet. One morning was cold and misty was walking down the lane that cut through a small area of trees when out of the mist ahead came running a Hare straight down the middle of the road. The memory probably seems more than it actually was, but seemed so magical as out of the mist ran this large hare.  I stopped, the Hare stopped we looked at each other for a fews seconds, then the Hare turned and ran in to the trees and was gone. The memory stayed with me all day and on the evening I told Audrey all about it , but she did not seem as impressed maybe it was my story telling.




Title: Hare
Artist: Jack Morris
Medium: Original Emulsion, Acrylic and Ink
Painting  Size: 14.5″ x 15″
Framed Size:  20.5″ x 21″(Framed in thick black frame with cream inner slip)

Price: SOLD



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