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This image was taken near my home after
a hard night frost. The first weak rays
of morning light gave a hint of warmth
to Upper Wharfedale, slowly melting the
ice. High in the colder air, the frost on the
trees lingered all day – shimmering like
Christmas tinsel in the bright winter sun.




Frosted Tree
Medium: Photograph
Size: 34cm x 32cm (13” X 13”)
Size Including Frame: 57cm x 56cm (22” X 22”)
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Special offer usually £130 framed NOW £90

Frosted Tree:


Title: Bolton Priory
Artist: Russell Shwerwood
Medium: Mounted Photograph
Print Size: 18″ x 12″ (sizes in inches and are approx)
Mounted Size: 23″ x 18″

WAS £65 NOW £40 Delivered £45

Bolton Priory: