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I  was born by the river, well more like the canal really in Huddersfield in 1966, a typical Yorkshire man, full of humour and modesty, unless you talk to the wife and  i’m not funny just fat. I paint using house emulsion paint a bit of acrylic paint and ink, which gives his paintings a simplicity with wonderful colours.

I got married to Audrey and we lived in a small terrace house. I became a pattern maker a job I loved and did until I was made redundant. I like dabbling in painting. I do not consider myself an artist, there are others out there who are more worthy of such a title, I am happy as I am.

Why emulsion paint? With money tight, Audrey would not let me buy frivolous fancy things like proper paint so I used old tins of emulsion and gloss paint, back then the colours were drab and dull, but I enjoyed the painting, nowadays the range of colours is limitless and now i can afford fancy paint I choose not to. (Also I have tried to use proper paint and I just can’t do it)

I now live out near the Yorkshire Dales still dabbling in painting, love the excitement that I have sold a picture, someone paid money for a picture by me, such a buzz and a big thank you to all those who have bought my paintings.

All the best


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